10 New AI Tools in our Catalog

Today, we’ve added 10 new AI tools to our catalog, ranging from innovative solutions like automated image correction and voice enhancement to personalized email crafting and intelligent customer assistants.


VWO, or Visual Website Optimizer, is a comprehensive experimentation platform designed to optimize digital experiences and maximize conversions. It enables businesses to decode evolving customer behaviors, conduct robust A/B testing, and personalize experiences across websites and mobile apps. With VWO, users can experiment with anything across their digital properties, utilizing qualitative customer analytics to understand user behavior and transform these insights into actionable, testable hypotheses. The platform also allows the creation of tailored experiences for specific user segments, using customer data from various sources. VWO’s agile, event-driven architecture offers a holistic 360-degree view of the customer, enabling instant decisions with real-time data. The platform is engineered to minimize payloads, improve latency, and compute only what’s crucial for campaigns, ensuring precise results with unrivaled speed. It also emphasizes privacy, security, and compliance, hosting all data on the Google Cloud Platform and adhering to a privacy-first approach. Whether for product managers, engineers, growth marketers, or UX professionals, VWO offers tools and insights to enhance the overall customer experience.


EyeQ, creators of Perfectly Clear, is a leading provider of automatic image correction and AI video enhancement. With over 20 years of experience in real science, EyeQ has combined cutting-edge artificial intelligence to create automatic image enhancement and video correction technology. Their promise of Real Color Photography® ensures vibrant and accurate photo color correction without clipping. Perfectly Clear’s technology is designed to improve print and image quality, increase customer satisfaction and revenue, and decrease costs. It has been successfully integrated into various businesses, resulting in increased photo sales, reduced editing time, and enhanced efficiency. Whether for desktop, browser, or mobile, EyeQ offers ready-to-use solutions for batch photo editing and automatic photo enhancement. They also provide developer tools like SDK, Web API, Hot Folder, Docker Container, and Command Line to integrate Perfectly Clear seamlessly into business operations. EyeQ’s commitment to robust and perfect output makes it a reliable choice for visual media needs.

Elf Help

Elf Help is an AI-powered tool designed to assist users in finding unique and thoughtful gift ideas, particularly during the holiday season. It has been praised by users such as busy parents and professionals for saving time and reducing stress in the gift-finding process. The tool is described as convenient, easy to use, and completely free. It’s positioned as a go-to app for holiday shopping, especially for those looking to find gifts for hard-to-shop-for individuals. The testimonials on the site, generated by real AI, reflect the positive experiences of users who have utilized Elf Help for their gifting needs.

AI Duh

AI Duh is an AI-Responder designed specifically for HostAway, providing empathetic and reassuring chat support for property rentals. It operates based on property-specific knowledge documents, guest data, and previous chat history, allowing for tailored responses to various inquiries. The AI is built on OpenAI GPT3 Davinci-003 and GPT NeoX 20B, ensuring state-of-the-art performance. In tests, AI Duh’s responses scored 4 (good) or 5 (great) in 88.2% of the cases, indicating that such responses can be provided to guests without editing. This efficiency means that even when alterations are needed, the AI pre-fills the response field, making the process quicker than writing from scratch. AI Duh is currently focused on the HostAway platform, with plans to expand to mobile and other browsers in the first quarter of 2023. It offers a practical solution for property managers, enhancing communication and reducing the time spent on handling guest inquiries.


Reach is an AI-powered tool designed to personalize emails quickly and efficiently. Available as a Chrome Extension, it integrates with platforms like Hubspot and is used by sales representatives across various companies. Reach’s core functionality includes generating icebreakers based on relevant data, allowing users to add personalized touches to their messages. It offers fast research options, AI-suggested icebreakers, integrations with different tech stacks, and a relevance data filter. Users can also benefit from bulk import and export features and flexible subscriptions. Reach has been praised for significantly increasing email open rates and response rates, while also reducing the time spent on personalizing emails. By condensing the process of researching leads and crafting meaningful copy, Reach enables users to personalize emails in just 30 seconds, compared to the traditional 5 minutes. This tool provides a streamlined and familiar workflow, making email personalization more accessible and effective.


Altered is a professional AI voice changer software designed to elevate media projects with its innovative voice editing capabilities. Known as Altered Studio, this platform allows users to modify and enhance voice recordings to suit various needs. While the specific features of the software are not detailed on the main page, Altered Studio is presented as a tool that can be started in a minute, with no credit card required for a free trial. The company also offers a newsletter to keep users updated with the latest news. Altered’s website includes sections for partnerships, resources such as blogs, FAQs, and release notes, as well as company information including terms, privacy policy, ethics, and career opportunities. Overall, Altered provides a specialized solution for voice actors, influencers, and media professionals seeking to creatively manipulate voice recordings.


Ortto is a comprehensive Customer Data Platform (CDP), Email, and Marketing Automation Platform designed to simplify customer journeys. It offers a unified solution to connect all customer data, build powerful segments, and engage audiences with targeted messages. Ortto’s features include a Customer Journey Builder, allowing for personalized multi-channel journeys, and Customer Journey Analytics for understanding user behavior and tracking key metrics. The platform also provides various marketing tools such as Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Transactional Email, In-app Messages, Popups, Surveys, Forms, Push Notifications, Live Chat, and an Omnichannel Inbox. These features work together to deliver highly personalized experiences across different stages of the customer lifecycle. Ortto’s AI-suggested replies and integration with platforms like Salesforce and Shopify further enhance its capabilities. With a 14-day free trial and a wide range of templates, Ortto aims to provide a complete marketing solution for businesses looking to grow and engage their audience effectively. Whether starting out or scaling up, Ortto offers a robust set of tools to support various marketing needs.


Textomap is an innovative tool that turns text into interactive maps in seconds. It offers solutions for various sectors, including content creators, bloggers, travel agents, operators, educational institutions, and news and media. With Textomap, users can generate maps from any text containing locations, such as itineraries, blog posts, class materials, news articles, and eBooks. The platform provides a free Chrome extension and supports many languages, making it accessible to a wide audience. Textomap’s features include the ability to automate and simplify map creation, customize maps with personal content and data, embed interactive maps on websites, and export location data as CSV files or open them in Google Maps. The AI assistant powered by ChatGPT can create maps for any subject, and the platform offers a free plan with an option to upgrade to a Pro plan for additional features. Textomap’s user-friendly interface and versatile functionalities make it a valuable tool for visualizing and sharing location-based information.


EBI.AI offers AI-powered customer assistants designed to provide happier customer experiences, increased capacity, and lower costs. Serving over 7,000 global businesses, EBI.AI’s technology enables the creation of AI assistants that can efficiently handle 35% of calls outside of customer contact center hours, resulting in significant savings. Their clients have achieved up to 533% ROI within 6 months of launch, and the platform allows businesses to build, launch, and manage AI assistants with ease. EBI.AI’s solutions are thriving across various industries, including retail, travel, local councils, insurance, property, leisure, and fitness. With options for self-serve, support, and data integration, EBI.AI provides a comprehensive and flexible approach to leveraging AI for customer engagement. The platform emphasizes a pay-as-you-grow model, with the first month of usage being free and subsequent payments based on average request volume. EBI.AI’s commitment to efficiency and cost-effectiveness makes it an appealing choice for businesses looking to enhance their customer service capabilities through AI technology.

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