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New 5: Google Labs, Upscale.media, Gamma App, MetaHuman, Twelve Labs

New additions to our darn handy AI tools catalog:

Google Labs

Google Labs is like a playground where you can test Google’s early-stage experiments and help shape the future of tech. You get to be an early tester, try out new AI experiences, and provide your feedback to help Google learn and improve. They’ve got a bunch of cool stuff going on, like AI-powered ways to explore info right in Google Search, new generative AI experiences in Google Workspace, and even an AI-first notebook called Project Tailwind. And if you’re a music lover, you’ll love MusicLM, where you can describe a musical idea and hear it come to life. Impressive!


Upscale.media – this AI-powered tool can take your images and upscale them to 2x or 4x their original size, all without losing any textures or details. It’s like giving your photos a superpower! You can even upscale multiple images at once, and it works with PNG, JPEG, JPG, and WebP images. It can get rid of those pesky JPEG artifacts that make your images look pixelated. So, if you’ve got an image that needs a little TLC, give Upscale.media a try.

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Gamma App

Imagine if you could create stunning presentations, documents, or webpages in under a minute. Well, with Gamma App, it’s a reality! This AI-powered tool is like a superhero for your content creation needs. It lets you generate beautiful, engaging content without any of the tedious formatting and design work. You can restyle your entire deck with just one click, and the flexible template makes your work faster. Plus, you can present live or send a webpage, and it even has built-in analytics to measure engagement. It’s super easy to use, even if you’re not a “slide deck artist”.

Unreal Engine’s MetaHuman

Unreal Engine’s MetaHuman – this cool tool lets you create photorealistic digital humans, fully rigged with hair and clothing, in just minutes. It’s super fun and easy to use. You start with a base from their diverse database, blend in some more features, and voila, you’ve got your MetaHuman! You can tweak your character with sculpting tools and control guides, and there’s a huge variety of facial features, skin complexions, hair, eyes, makeup, and teeth to choose from. Plus, these MetaHumans can run in real time on high-end PCs with RTX graphics cards.

Twelve Labs

Twelve Labs is an AI-powered tool that lets you search anything within your video – visuals, conversations, logos, text, you name it! It’s like having a supercharged search engine for your videos. And it’s not just about finding stuff, it’s about understanding it too. The AI extracts key features from videos and transforms them into vector representations, enabling fast and scalable semantic search. Plus, it’s super easy to integrate, with end-to-end infrastructure to make all of your videos searchable. It’s got state-of-the-art accuracy, outperforming even the strongest open-source and commercial models.

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