New AI Tools in our Catalog – August 10

Today, we have enriched our catalog with 10 new AI tools, spanning from intuitive writing assistants to groundbreaking no-code AI app solutions.


WritelyAI is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to enhance the writing process. It offers features such as grammar correction, style improvement, and plagiarism detection. By utilizing advanced AI algorithms, WritelyAI provides real-time suggestions and corrections, enabling writers to create polished and professional content. Its intuitive interface and customizable options make it suitable for writers of all levels, from students to professionals.

Mutable AI

Mutable AI offers a Public Edge Cloud platform that enables developers to deploy containerized applications closer to end-users. By leveraging edge computing, Mutable AI reduces latency and enhances the performance of applications, particularly in areas such as gaming, streaming, and IoT. The platform’s decentralized infrastructure ensures scalability and reliability, providing a seamless experience for both developers and users.


WhatTheDiff is an AI-driven tool that assists in understanding and visualizing the differences between machine learning models. It provides insights into how models are performing, where they are failing, and what can be done to improve them. By offering a clear comparison between different models, WhatTheDiff enables data scientists and engineers to make informed decisions, optimize performance, and reduce the time spent on model evaluation.


PitchGrade is an AI-powered presentation generator that simplifies the creation of professional-grade pitch decks. It analyzes content and generates visually appealing presentations that are customizable to fit specific needs. Whether pitching a startup idea or presenting a new product, PitchGrade ensures that essential elements such as compelling storytelling, clear messaging, and eye-catching visuals are included. The tool’s intuitive interface makes it accessible for various users, from entrepreneurs to corporate professionals.


Goodlookup is a smart function designed for spreadsheet users, offering a solution that goes beyond traditional fuzzy matching. It utilizes recent advances in NLP technology to achieve semantic understanding, allowing for more accurate and context-aware matching. Goodlookup’s capabilities enable users to work with text data in a more sophisticated and efficient manner, enhancing productivity in various data-related tasks.

AI Surge

AI Surge provides a Low-Code Data Fabric platform that aims to increase data agility and flexibility. It offers solutions to overcome data productivity challenges, enabling rapid data preparation and exploratory data analysis. With features such as auto-scaling and Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IaC), AI Surge ensures efficient resource utilization and cost-effectiveness. Its platform is designed to support various deployment options, including private, public, and hybrid clouds, catering to diverse business needs.

Handy Plugins

Handy Plugins offers well-crafted WordPress plugins, focusing on enhancing security and functionality. One of its notable plugins is the Security.txt Manager, a user-friendly tool that allows the creation, editing, and management of the “security.txt” file directly from the WordPress dashboard. This feature contributes to the overall security and integrity of WordPress sites, making it a valuable addition for administrators and developers.


WordFixerBot is an online paraphrasing tool designed to assist various professionals, including writers, marketers, students, and researchers. It offers the ability to paraphrase text in a unique and engaging way, with multiple tone options to suit different audiences. Whether rewriting source material to avoid plagiarism or producing high-quality marketing materials, WordFixerBot provides a versatile solution for content creation and editing.


Re:Tune is a no-code AI app solution that serves as a platform for building AI applications. It offers everything needed to transform a business with AI, from custom chatbots to autonomous agents. Re:Tune’s no-code approach simplifies the development process, making it accessible to a broader audience. It aims to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to leverage AI technology without the need for extensive coding skills.

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