TLRD of AI News – August 14, 2023

Geoffrey Hinton Discusses the Future of AI

Geoffrey Hinton, known as the “Godfather of AI,” recently shared his insights on the future of artificial intelligence. In an interview, he discussed the current state of AI, its potential, and the challenges that lie ahead. Hinton emphasized the importance of understanding how the brain works to develop more advanced AI models. He also highlighted the need for more research into unsupervised learning and the ethical considerations surrounding AI. Hinton believes that AI will continue to grow and evolve, but it requires careful consideration and responsible development. Read more

The Great AI Backlash: Prosecraft Shuts Down

A small literary analytics project called Prosecraft has closed down after facing significant backlash from the writing community. Prosecraft provided linguistic analysis of over 25,000 titles, offering insights into writing and narrative styles. However, the founder, Benji Smith, was accused of obtaining the analyzed works illegally, leading to a wave of protests from authors. The intense reaction led to hundreds of cease-and-desist letters, and by the end of the day, Prosecraft was shut down. The incident highlights the growing concerns and backlash against AI and data scraping practices. Read more

ChatGPT Expands Custom Instructions Feature to Free Users

OpenAI has expanded its custom instructions feature for ChatGPT to all users, including those on the free tier. Initially launched in July as a beta for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, the feature allows users to add preferences and requirements for the AI chatbot to consider when responding. This can save time and enable customization of responses, such as setting character count limits or specific tones. Previously limited to paid subscribers, the option is now available to free and Plus users on various platforms, reflecting OpenAI’s commitment to enhancing user control over ChatGPT. Read more

Is AI a Market or a Platform Piece?

The question of whether AI is a distinct market or a platform piece is being debated as companies increasingly embrace generative AI. While AI technology has been around for decades, the hype has grown with the release of models like GPT-4. Major companies like Salesforce, Adobe, and IBM have integrated AI into their products, but AI itself is not necessarily a standalone product. Startups are also emerging to leverage generative AI technology. The current frenzy around AI raises questions about whether there is a pure AI market or if it’s an enabling technology that will be built into various products and services. Read more

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