TLRD of AI News – July 28, 2023

AI Watermarking to Combat Misinformation

Researchers are developing a new AI tool that can watermark images and videos to help combat the spread of misinformation. The tool uses a technique called adversarial perturbations, which subtly alters the image or video in a way that is almost imperceptible to humans but can be detected by AI. This watermark can be used to verify the authenticity of the content, making it harder for malicious actors to spread fake news or misinformation. The researchers hope that this tool can be used by social media platforms and news organizations to ensure the accuracy of the content they distribute. Read more: Wired

AI in the Battlefield: A Double-Edged Sword

The use of AI in military operations is increasing, but it brings with it a new set of challenges. While AI can help to improve situational awareness and decision-making, it can also make the battlefield more deadly. The use of autonomous weapons and AI-powered surveillance systems can lead to faster and more lethal conflicts. However, the lack of transparency and accountability in AI systems can also lead to unintended consequences and ethical dilemmas. Therefore, it is crucial to establish clear rules and regulations for the use of AI in military operations. Read more: Wired

Google’s Answer to ChatGPT: MUM

Google has introduced a new AI model called MUM (Multitask Unified Model) that aims to improve the search experience. MUM is designed to understand complex queries and provide more accurate and comprehensive answers. Unlike traditional search algorithms, MUM can understand the context of a query, draw on a wide range of sources, and even generate its own content to answer questions. Google plans to integrate MUM into its search engine and other products in the future. Read more: Wired

AI Scripts and Deepfake Actors: The Future of Entertainment?

AI is making its way into the entertainment industry, with computer-written scripts and deepfake actors becoming increasingly common. These technologies can generate new content quickly and cheaply, opening up new possibilities for filmmakers. However, they also raise concerns about the authenticity of content and the potential for misuse. Despite these challenges, many believe that AI has the potential to revolutionize the entertainment industry. Read more: Tech Xplore

Authors Resist AI, Readers Benefit

As AI becomes more prevalent in the literary world, some authors are resisting its use, arguing that it lacks the human touch. However, this resistance may actually be benefiting readers. By refusing to use AI, authors are forced to innovate and experiment with their writing, leading to more diverse and interesting works. This trend suggests that while AI can be a useful tool, it cannot replace the creativity and individuality of human authors. Read more: Tech Xplore

Making Machines Smarter

Researchers are developing new techniques to make machines smarter and more capable. These techniques involve teaching machines to learn from their mistakes and adapt to new situations, much like humans do. This approach, known as reinforcement learning, could lead to more intelligent and versatile machines. However, it also raises questions about the ethical implications of creating machines that can learn and adapt on their own. Read more: Tech Xplore

Brain2Music: Turning Thoughts into Music

A new AI tool called Brain2Music is allowing users to turn their thoughts into music. The tool uses a brain-computer interface to detect brain signals, which are then translated into musical notes by an AI algorithm. This technology could open up new possibilities for musical expression, particularly for people with physical disabilities. It also raises interesting questions about the nature of creativity and the role of AI in the creative process. Read more: Tech Xplore

AI Won’t Kill Graphic Design, Says Adobe Product Leader

Adobe’s Chief Product Officer, Scott Belsky, has reassured graphic designers that AI will not make their jobs obsolete. Despite concerns that Adobe’s AI tools could replace human designers, Belsky argues that AI will actually enhance the creative process by increasing the range of possibilities that designers can explore. He also suggests that the demand for creative professionals will continue to grow as companies seek to produce more and better content. Read more: VentureBeat

Stability AI Releases Stable Diffusion XL 1.0

Stability AI has released its latest image-generating model, Stable Diffusion XL 1.0. The new model, which contains 3.5 billion parameters, can generate high-resolution images in seconds and is capable of advanced text generation. However, the open-source nature of the model raises concerns about potential misuse, including the creation of nonconsensual deepfakes. To mitigate these risks, Stability AI has implemented measures to filter unsafe imagery and block problematic terms. Read more: TechCrunch

Generative AI Capabilities Come to Amazon QuickSight

Amazon has introduced new generative AI capabilities to QuickSight, its business intelligence tool. The new features allow users to generate visuals, fine-tune and format those visuals, and create calculations using natural language commands. While these capabilities can improve the user experience, they also raise questions about the reliability and bias of AI-generated content. Therefore, users are advised to use these features with caution. Read more: TechCrunch

AWS Launches New Health-Focused Services Powered by Generative AI

Amazon has launched AWS HealthScribe, a new service that uses generative AI to help clinicians transcribe and analyze their conversations with patients. The service can generate transcripts, extract details, and create summaries from doctor-patient discussions, which can then be entered into an electronic health record system. While this service can potentially improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery, it also raises concerns about data privacy and the accuracy of AI-generated content. Read more: TechCrunch

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